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If you are experiencing a career challenge, you came to the right place. Since we opened our doors in 2006, the experts at The Career Strategy Group have coached thousands of professionals and executives to job-search and career success!

Your Total Career Management Solution

We offer cutting-edge, career, job search and resume writing solutions to savvy, high-achieving professionals and executives. If you are struggling to get the attention of recruiters, stand out in an interview, or land a job you love, you came to the right place. Our team of nationally recognized and multiple-certified writers, coaches and industry leaders can help you gain big momentum in your job search and in your career.

Write My Resume

Let us build you a beautiful resume that will help you get attention from recruiters. We take the guesswork out of writing this critical career document.

Write My Resume

We know you have other things to think about, so why should writing your own resume be one of them? Let us take that off of your plate, so you can get busy landing the job that’s right for you.

When you purchase our GOLD Resume Writing Service, we create a stunning, targeted marketing document that will literally compel employers to take notice. We take you through a comprehensive process designed to deliver a phenomenal resume each and every time. 

During the process, we conduct a deep-dive interview designed to help us articulate your accomplishments and uncover your unique value proposition so we may "sell" you better on paper.

At the end of our comprehensive intake process, you will receive a compelling and completely customized resume that you will love (and employers will too).

As part of this package, you will receive:

  • A detailed questionnaire and an assessment designed to enable us to write in “your voice.”
  • A 45- to 60-minute, one-on-one consultation with your resume writer for the purposes of strategic development and planning.
  • A professionally written resume targeted to your next position with keyword optimization.

Get expert help from nationally certified, award-winning resume writers. Why wait? We can help you stand out, move up, get noticed and get hired.


To learn more or to sign up for the GOLD Resume Writing Service, CLICK HERE.

Rock My Interview

Are your interview skills a bit rusty? Are you hoping they won’t ask that one “dreaded” question? Ace your interviews with the help of our highly skilled interview coaches.

Rock My Interview

Spend just 4 hours with us and we assure you that you’ll learn how to master the interview. 

Our ELEVATE interview coaching program is designed to cover all aspects of the interview, including pre-interview preparation, special interview tools and formulas you must use to convey your message and minimize risk, and post-interview guidelines for continuing the conversation even after the interview has ended.

You will work one-on-one (either in-person or via video) with a nationally renowned, expert job search coach. Every ELEVATE Interview Coaching Package includes several rounds of practice, feedback, and coaching to enable your full mastery of the program.

After working with us, you’ll be able to:

  • Craft powerful interview stories.
  • Create a compelling follow-up strategy.
  • Increase your effectiveness in the pre- and post-interview process
  • Build an interview arsenal so you will always have a solid answer REGARDLESS of what question is asked.
  • Refine your body language to help you secure your next role
  • Improve your offer rate and land a job you love. (Isn’t that the point of all this, anyway?)


To learn more or to sign up for the ELEVATE Interview Package, CLICK HERE.

Executive Coaching
Negotiate My Salary

With 20+ years of negotiation experience, we’ll review the competitiveness, comprehensiveness, and appropriateness of your offer, and help you finally get paid what you’re worth.

Negotiate My Salary

You got a job offer! That’s great news, and we’ll be the first ones to pop the champagne. But, first, let’s make sure the offer is as fabulous as it can be.

Our compensation and salary negotiation coach will help you build a sophisticated, win-win negotiation strategy, to include:

  • Discussion of negotiation best practices and strategies.
  • Review of the proposed compensation offer.
  • Comparison of the proposed offer to market practices.
  • Identification of gaps or other considerations, based on your level, needs and objectives.

In addition, of course, we’ll address other areas of the offer including:

  • Salary
  • Equity
  • Paid Time Off
  • Benefits
  • Signing Bonus
  • Flex Time
  • Early Performance Reviews
  • Title

And, more.


identify role
Identify My Next Career

Have you outgrown your current role? Dreaming of something bigger? Work with our career transition coaches to help you re-envision that new career with you in it.

Identify My Next Career

When you realize that your job is no longer making you happy, sometimes the answer isn’t to stick it out or try harder. The answer could simply be to get out.

But, how? Career transition is far easier and quicker when you get support.

Our coaches will help you clarify what you want to achieve; identify solutions, tactics, and strategies for selecting an ideal career target; and build you a bridge to help you get there.

Our coaches are nurturing, powerful listeners and artful communicators who will hear both what you are saying and what you are not saying, to help you paint the picture of not only what you want to do, but what you never want to do again. (That’s almost just as important.)

Via a blend of inquiry and assessment, we’ll invent a personalized blueprint that can help you uncover limiting beliefs (thoughts that are preventing success), shift your mindset, and clarify your career direction. TALK TO US

Shorten My Job Search

Are you wasting time on job search tactics that aren't yielding results? Or, are you networking in earnest, but not landing an interview? We get it. And, even better, we can fix it.

Shorten My Job Search

Our BOOST Career Transition Coaching Program has been tested by hundreds of job seekers and is backed by 20+ years of data tracking job-seeker behavior.

Bottom-line: when it comes to job search, we know what doesn’t work and, most importantly, what does. 

Our program is comprised of eight (8) one-hour sessions. Sample coaching topics can include the following:

  • Uncovering the Hidden Job Market. We’ll discuss how to use your Personal Marketing Plan to uncover hidden opportunities, get meetings with target employers, and cultivate relationships.
  • Elevator Pitch Development. We’ll help you craft your unique 30-Second Pitch so it’s ready when folks ask: “how can I help?”
  • Interview Preparation. We’ll tackle how “thinking like a consultant” in the interview will help you shift your mindset and help you land your next job.

If you are struggling with your job search strategy, this program is for you.

The program is rigorous and structured and will help you develop aggressive job-search strategies, get in front of hiring managers faster, and land more offers in a shorter time.

Long, frustrating job search—you’ve been put on notice. CONTACT US

Be My Own Boss

Have you outgrown your current role? Dreaming of something bigger? Work with our career transition coaches to help you re envision that new career with you in it!

Be My Own Boss

Are you just leaving your 9-to-5 job in favor of a more flexible lifestyle?

Have you discovered that you have the entrepreneurial gene and realized that you cannot live without satisfying it?

Are you finally ready to be your own boss?

Or, are you still unsure whether self-employment is for you?

“Should I be self-employed” is a question you need to answer before you endeavor to start your business. Our coaches can help.

Entrepreneur Coaching is designed for the person who is committed to creating a thriving, successful business.

If you are even considering self-employment, we can support you through the necessary next steps. CONTACT US

What Our Clients Say

I cannot say enough good things about the team at The Career Strategy Group! From the owner to the support individuals, everyone is professional, prompt, supportive, and incredibly talented. Their insight into current trends in the career transition process were exactly what I needed. Their services may be one of the single most value investments you can make towards your career path!

Michael Hearon

I am elated with my experience working with The Career Strategy Group (specifically Laura and Eve). They were approachable, efficient, and asked all the right questions to create a resume that felt like my personal brand. I honestly don’t know how they work their magic like this, but it exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking to stand out feel proud of the outcome!

Sonja Lyth

Exceeded my expectations! I reached out to Laura at The Career Strategy Group to update my LinkedIn profile to reflect my new consulting business. Within a week of updating my Linkedin profile, I had a Big Four Consulting firm reach out to me via inmail. I recommend The Career Strategy Group without hesitation to any executive looking to update their LinkedIn profile and resume.

D Troy

The Career Strategy Group understands how to help job seekers write resumes that that get the right kind of attention from ideal employers. As a business owner (and mom!), I appreciate the career coaching services that they offer alongside their resume writing services. Finding the right position isn’t something we do everyday. That’s why I believe that real expertise makes a difference, especially in today’s competitive job markets and industries. I would recommend Laura and her team without reservation.

Heather Cox

I definitely recommend using The Career Strategy Group. They were so helpful in determining the exact needs of my job search and guiding me along the way. If I ever start my job search again, I’ll be contacting them.

Aeras TB

I can’t say enough how grateful I am for Laura Labovich’s expertise and help throughout my professional career. She not only created a stellar resume for me, but she has helped me to expertly navigate every challenge in my professional career. Laura’s wage negotiation instruction was instrumental in helping me to secure a significant raise, and my highest salary to date. She is my go-to person for all things career related, and I know that I can always count on her reliability, expertise, and professionalism. If you are looking to boost your job search momentum or to change your career, I highly recommend that you work with The Career Strategy Group!

Melanie G

I really enjoyed working with The Career Strategy Group. They were very responsive and easy to work with. I had been at the same company for many years and was at a lost of how to even begin writing my resume. They did a great job of organizing the details of each new position and showing how I had taken on more responsibility. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on my resume.

Maribeth Kovarik

I am so happy I reached to Laura the owner of The Career Strategy Group to help me update my resume. The thought of digging into this myself was so overwhelming. I truly appreciate the back and forth collaboration I had with my writer, Yvonnea. She did a fabulous job at helping me tell my story that markets my qualifications!

Lori Belford

I worked with Michele as my coach for about a year. As a result, I gained tremendously valuable insights through our work together that have directly benefited me in navigating the twists and turns of professional life. Michele’s thoughtful expertise is evident in everything she does and offers to her clients. I especially appreciate her ability as coach to draw out my own power and confidence to make good decisions for myself. I highly and unreservably recommend Michele to others as an executive coach and guide.

Elizabeth Branner

I have worked with Laura and others in the Career Strategy group over the past ten years and have had nothing but very positive experiences. Laura did an outstanding job preparing my resume ten years ago. Dana did an excellent job coaching me with a job search several years ago. Most recently, Yvonnea prepared a stellar new resume and cover letter for me with which I am thrilled. These three women were wonderful to work with, very sharp, professional, competent, and supportive.

Anne Major

The Career Strategy Group provides top-notch expertise, if I could give more than 5 stars I would. I worked with Laura on my interviewing skills and she helped me to fine tune my answers and strategize to highlight my best attributes. She came to each meeting with a very personalized arsenal of ideas and creativity that pulled from her obviously extensive background. This service is worth every penny, I might say priceless- not only did I get the job I wanted, but I walked away from the experience with a deeper understanding of how and why I wanted the job and could be most effective. Laura is the real deal and I would wholeheartedly recommend the Career Strategy Group to anyone who is serious about career success.

Cindy F.

Today’s competitive job market requires a search strategy that includes developing a focused marketing plan; creating a tight and searchable resume and working with a career coach who knows what recruiters are looking for in a candidate. The Career Strategy Group offers and provides these services and more with an emphasis on collaboration.

Working with a career coach can be an impersonal experience fraught with stress. The Career Strategy Group’s collaborative approach makes a client’s transition from one role to another a positive experience – less stress. Her team’s focus on client service is exceptional, and Laura’s ability to weave soft skills such as empathy and compassion into the conversation is outstanding. I highly recommend Laura and her team!

Maurice L.

Major thank you to the team at TCSG and my coach for the opportunity to be a career coaching client. My new resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, career resources and overall networking confidence thanks you all!

I had the honor of having Michele as my career coach for the last three months, and it has been such an amazing blessing to my life. Michele has the gift of connection and was made to be a coach! She introduced me to multiple new contacts and inspired my deep soul searching at a time where I was unsure of what to do next in life. She was so important to my transformation and career transition, and I have really come to rely on her weekly wisdom. Michele is someone that leads with her heart but most of all, leads you to being the best you. Thank you for everything, Michele. I’ll miss your presence deeply!

Massa S.

I engaged The Career Strategy Group to write my resume and I was BLOWN AWAY by the final work product! Their process was simple and I found each team member to be professional and knowledgeable about today’s hiring environment. I am SO glad I engaged this team and I know that I will get interviews and job offers now that I have a polished resume.

Tracy I.

I was thrilled from start to finish with the experience I had working with The Career Strategy Group. I initially engaged another service to help me write a resume and bio. They sent me a 31-page document and insisted that I fill it out before I could speak with anyone. Given the diversity of my work experience and the fact that I haven’t updated my resume in almost 10 years, the thought of this task was overwhelming. I reached out to Laura who agreed to meet with me in person to discuss my background and exactly what I was looking to accomplish. She was patient, interested and asked tons of great, thought provoking questions. From there she drafted a resume and we went back-and-forth to refine it. I am thrilled with the end result and will certainly be reaching back out to The Career Strategy Group if I need to make additions or adjustments in the future.

Lauren M.

Outstanding service and amazingly responsive. Career Transition solutions provided were terrific, and well-received!

Jason Salamon

The Career Strategy Group was instrumental in my career transition. They helped me understand my short-term and long-term focus and the team I worked with was best-in-class. They partnered with me so I understood how to approach this type of change while giving me the tools and confidence to succeed. I am beyond happy with the coaching and resume that they created for me and the ideas that we generated together.

Heather Davis

The Career Strategy Group has established itself as the go-to organization for all your career, and resume writing needs. Laura and Yvonnea shared their knowledge and expertise with me, most notably as an expert in resume writing, to provide me a robust easy to digest resume and cover letter. The company has a deep-rooted spirit of helpfulness that, coupled with its grasp of subject matter, speaks well to the high quality of deliverables. You will undoubtedly have a first class experience.

Albert Previte

It has been a privilege working with Laura Labovich and it was due to her expert job search coaching that I was able to negotiate a promotion and sizable pay raise. When I was ready to move on to a new position, she created a powerful and unique resume that demanded the attention of hiring managers, and got me an interview for the career of my dreams! She is a passionate and experienced professional who was by my side for every step on my path to a new career. I would highly recommend Laura to people who are desperately in need of job search momentum, or for career changers who need a jump start into their new life!

Melanie G.

The Career Strategy Group proved to be an excellent resource for me after my last place of employment closed and I was looking for a new job. Laura introduced me to Yvonnea who produced an amazing, professional resume that I received many positive comments on from potential employers. I was extremely impressed with Yvonnea’s ability to digest all of the information I gave her about my line of work (animal husbandry/biology) and previous experiences to produce my new resume. Laura also had me working with Dana who was my Senior Career Strategist and who helped me brainstorm/form ways to search for new jobs. Dana was a pleasure to work with and helped expose me to other lines of work (that were biologically related) that were also interesting.

Overall I would highly recommend the services of The Career Strategy Group for anyone who is in between jobs or looking to do something different.

Nick L.

I was referred to Laura and The Career Strategy Group in 2014 in desperate need of an updated resume. Working with Laura and Yvonnea was an experience that was well worth the time and financial investment. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see the dramatic difference from what my original version was compared to the new version. I hate to use a cliche, but the comparison was literally night and day. My resume experienced a complete makeover – a total transformation.

From a day-to-day standpoint, I lost perspective on how I viewed my career accomplishments. But seeing it on paper brings a new spirit to my confidence to realize that I have done a great deal and can offer so much to future employers. I have received countless compliments on the tone, framework and overall presentation that brings my background and experience in words to life.

If you’re in need of an updated resume, don’t hesitate to contact Laura. You won’t regret it.

Christopher C.

Laura Labovich’s counsel is second-to-none. She invests herself 100% and works tirelessly to advance her clients.

What should you know before accessing Laura’s expertise? With Laura, you have someone who is committed to your success. She not only gives you a broad scope of tools, but also she cheers you on as she shows you the best possible way to achieve your goals. You can know that you are making a good investment. You can know that you will leave assured that you are ready to tackle the world. You can know that you have a dedicated professional in your corner. And, with Laura’s help, you can know you are going to win!

Elizabeth K.

I HIGHLY recommend Laura and her team of professionals. The job search environment is rapidly changing. The executive job seeker may feel they do not need support during a job transition but reality hits when one can not land a job for various reasons. Do not waste time. Contact Laura Labovich. She will guide you in the right direction and her team will help you land the RIGHT future opportunity. I will continue to recommend all my friends and colleagues who need support during a job transition to hire the Career Strategy Group

Vera M.

I contacted The Career Strategy Group about 8 months into a job search process that was going nowhere. I was spending hours on LinkedIn poring over job ads, drafting cover letters, and getting responses back from jobs that frankly I wasn’t thrilled about. I had an introductory getting to know you call with Laura, where she pinpointed exactly where I was struggling and how Career Strategy Groups job search and networking methodology could help me. While some aspects of the methodology pushed me outside my comfort zone, Laura pushed me and gave me tips for adapting her suggestions to my situation. I developed a killer elevator pitch, created a solid resume and LinkedIn profile, and honed my networking efforts and skills (and now I think networking is fun!).

The Career Strategy Group methodology significantly focused my job search efforts. I am thrilled to report that I will recently accepted a new position. In fact, at the end of my job search, I was juggling three interview processes and two offers! I can not recommend The Career Strategy Group highly enough it is definitely worth the investment of time and money.

Arleta B.